Monarch B737-8 Max

Monarch are currently transferring to the B737-8 from the A320 family I think this would be a cool livery to have in the game.


Looks. Good would be great to have it in the game along with A321 they operate


Yeh there getting rid of that 2

Oh I thought this was replacing the A320

No both I think

I don’t think requests for stuff not out yet are allowed? They certainly won’t make the game until the 737 MAX has had some deliveries.

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They added air austral stuff

They have also added old liverys

And the 787-10 which hasn’t been made yet

Oh yeah, fair enough. Anyway nice livery :)

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It will be nice to have this livery in the 737 MAX.

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Yeh it’s not great.

Any livery with the 737 MAX is beautiful!

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Atlantain hommie anything looks good on the 757. But if you don’t like it add a mustcahe to it makes it better. But I do like this livery even if it’s not out yet.

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Do you think so? I personally think it looks better on this than a 757 or A321.

No way a321 is the best then 757 and 320 3rd

Nice livery!

Really like this

I love it! I like the airline in reality so it would be cool to have it in the game! (they don’t operate the 757 anymore)