Monarch Airlines | The brink of bankruptcy

Monarch Airlines is at the brink of bankruptcy and may be subject to fold in the coming days.

Would be really sad to see Monarch go, I love monarch and as Britain’s 4th biggest airline, it would be a shock.

It is believed that they have been in talks with EasyJet, Wizz air and other airlines that would like to take over the business.

See the article below, there are multiple articles on this topic that was made today:


Well, with brexit this is no surprise


The issue with monarch appears to be that they are in competition with Airlines such as Thomson(TUI) and Thomas Cook both of these sell holidays with there flights where as Monarch only do there own flights and charters for other holiday companies


Wow, this is clearly a bad year for European Aviation, first AirBerlin, now Monarch. Not too mention that Monarch has one of my favourite Liveries.


Brexit will only become reality in 2019 or so once terms are agreed, so this shouldn’t have had a huge effect on them just now. If anything, it would’ve hit them harder once we initially voted out previously.

There’s a bigger problem than Brexit for Monarch anyway: budget airlines - easyJet and Ryanair etc are edging more traditional airlines out of the picture with their prices meaning airlines such as Monarch, who don’t offer fares for £9.99, can’t fill seats and make money. That’s the real problem here.


Not the first time this has happened to Monarch…

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This doesn’t have anything to do with Brexit.
Monarch have lost their license and are probably going to go bankrupt.


@neo will be very pleased

The exact same thing happen at this time last year, almost to the week, it’s because their caa operating license expires and is yet to be renewed. As I said, all this happened last year, including the rumours of closure.

I have to say that there a quite a few airlines going bankrupt, especially in Europe. First Alitalia (which is beginning to get back on track) and now Monarch Airlines. Hopefully they get back on track to

Air Berlin are also going bankrupt.

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This is so sad coming only days after Air Berlin’s announcement. The airline industry is so tough! I thought airlines were going to thrive with the dropping oil prices.

Good. A business that doesn’t make money is going to disappear and leave space for one that does to take over. Good ol’ market forces.

And Ailitalia :) a lot of liquidators needed in Europe

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