Monarch Airlines DC-10

Hi Everyone,
With the upcoming release of the DC-10 and MD-11 I thought I should put forward a livery for the devs to consider.

Monarch Airlines DC-10

Monarch Airlines was a British charter and scheduled low-cost airline. The airline’s headquarters were at Luton and also had other bases at Birmingham, Leeds/Bradford, Gatwick and Manchester. It was Britain’s fifth-biggest airline, employing roughly 3,500 employees as of 1 October 2017, and was the biggest airline in British history to collapse. It was really disappointing to see Monarch leave the British skies and the adding of this livery would be a great way to celebrate an awesome airline that has sadly left us.

Credits to Gilles Brion

BTW the other thread is dated and has less information

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I was literally reading about this just now in Airliner World, it’s an ok livery I guess.


I think since it’s old you have to flag it so that this tread is the one people go one


Thanks for the information! Will do

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Would be great to have to say goodbye to Monarch properly. One of the nicer liveries I’ve seen.

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The image credit is to Gilles Brion, my friend.

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7 comments so far and no votes. Not even from the OP…hmmmm @bne.spotting you could throw a vote up there if you really want some support from the community.


Boi we got three votes!

Ok thanks will edit that in soon


Your livery request has been looked at and the devs have answered your request with action! The Monarch Livery for the DC-10 has been added for the MD-11/KC-10/DC-10 Update! Which is now out for Android Devices (IOS out this weekend)!!

Thanks for your great feature request and have fun flying this great aircraft!

(Photo By @Cpt.TC)



Delivered in December 2017 release.