Monarch Airlines - Current Status & 737 Orders

A few days ago, British low cost carrier Monarch Airlines faced their operations being stopped completely. As their ATOL license was secured and renewed, operations are back to normal (If you’ve booked with Monarch recently, no need to panic!). Two United 747-400’s flew over from the USA to help with the situation, unfortunately one never flew to my local airport Birmingham (BHX) when they were scheduled to! Sorry if I brag on about the airline, but we all have our favourite airlines ;)

If you don’t know about Monarch, they have not long become a low cost carrier in England. They are officially the oldest airline in the UK to keep their original name since they started back in the early 1960’s. With past aircraft including the legendary McDonnell Douglas DC-10, Boeing 767, Boeing 757 and the vintage Bristol Britannia, they used to be an international carrier flying to the USA, South Africa and charters to Asia. Since a new takeover a few years back, the new aquisation meant that the owners decided to scrap all long haul routes and instead operate shorter haul routes in Europe; with their longest routes now being Cyprus, North Africa and Sweden.

Currently, Monarch operate 34 aircraft made up of Airbus A320 and Airbus A321’s. With 43 destinations in Europe and one of the best ratings in British aviation, the A3 fleet has done them well for over 15 years. Now things must change, and Monarch confirmed a few years back that they will be scrapping the entire Airbus fleet and replacing it with the new Boeing 737-8 Max. With over 30 aircraft on order, the deal is worth over a staggering $3.2 Billion. Monarch have previously operated the beautiful classic 737-200, and say that the new 8-Max will be more cost effective, meaning that they will obtain the newest fleet in the UK.

Ive applied to become an apprentice on Monarch’s Engineering business. Based at London Luton Airport (EGGW), they have hubs at London Gatwick (EGKK), Leeds Bradford (EGNM) and their largest hangar at Birmingham (EGBB). Would adore to work on what is going to be an amazing new fleet aircraft, for who I consider to be the best airline in the UK!


The MAX8 may not be more fuel efficient but it is cheaper to operate (for Monarch)


Your information is incorrect.

KLM just turned 97 and it the oldest running airline in the world still operating under its original name. The airline was founded on October 7, 1919.

Monarch is the oldest UK airline to have not changed its original name.


*Your. Extremely sorry if I’ve ruined your day

Thanks! Auto correct. Didn’t see it.
Still, a typo is better than a wrong fact. :)

True haha, never actually knew KLM kept their original name. I knew they were extremely old but was always under the impression they had a number of names.

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Nope. Oldest in the world!
Qantas is number 2.
KLM had to cease operations in the Netherlands because of the war and the total destruction of EHAM. That’s why Qantas wants to claim they’re the oldest, but they keep forgetting that KLM kept flying in other parts of the world. :)


I did not say Monarch were the oldest airline in Europe. Read my post again.

It would still be better to change “Europe” to “UK” though, 'cause you’re still wrong! ;)

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I apologise for getting some info incorrect, but don’t really appreciate getting bombarded. Just saying.

Well, if you don’t change it, more people will read it and they will react to it as well.
Your choice! :)
Just saying.
So far two people have “bombarded” you about wrong information. Just wait til the rest of the community wakes up! ;)

The edit function is there for a reason.

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Or they will realise that A) I’m a new user to the community and B) They will already see that I’ve been corrected numerous times on the same subject.

Monarch Airlines is one of my favorite liveries. Specially the lastest livery or that’s what I think.



What use is this?

All I do know about Monarch is that it has a Movember mustached plane.

Finally Hooray no more A320-family aircraft.

Well no it is not.

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