Monarch Airlines Ceases Operations.

It looks like Monarch Airlines has formally entered administration as of this morning. It is unfortunate to see an airline that has brought so many wonderful memories to British holidaymakers ceasing operations and slowly fading away.

Qatari Aircraft have been chartered, and plans are being drawn up as we speak to rescue stranded travellers all over Europe.

Information for travellers:


That seems extremely sudden. I mean Air Berlin and Alitalia are both shutting down but it is taking them forever to close down.


This is terrible news, so sudden as well! It’s sad to see so many airlines vanish into thin air.

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No, this is terrible! So many airlines are just going out the window.


That’s what I was thinking :/

There are many different ways to close down an airline. They were fighting to the bitter end to keep the lights on, but the effort was not enough.

It is fine, this topic covers the post-bankruptcy operation while the other thread provides background.

oh ok, I deleted that.
it is so devastating to see these European airlines going bankrupt. it is clearly not normal to have three major airlines (Monarch airlines, Air Berlin and Alitalia) to be bankrupt.

Alitalia is now starting to get back on its feet for the second time

I don’t think Alitalia is shutting down… I think the government is funding them from what ive heard of as they are Italy’s major airline

They would’ve ceased operating if it wasn’t for the government. They are on the verge of collapse.

they sure would have. hopefully air berlin and monarch airlines can get help.
the advantage for Alitalia is that it is partially owned by three airlines.
Etihad airways, Lufthansa and Air France

Air Berlin has already received support from the government, but unfortunately they still need to discontinue their international services. Btw Air Berlin was also receiving support from Etihad but they also dropped out, so some owners are sometimes disloyal. I wish Monarch could continue somehow…


It is not even the national airline of the UK. People are loosing interest in the Monarch anyway so I don’t see it getting financial support for having Monarch in its name

It is still a damn good LCC. I use them all the time, always had perfect service. Such a shame.


He/she should have gone to business class

Ughh…that moment when you realise that you and your families flights in the October half term are, or were, with Monarch😬🤦‍♂️


Same… Such a shame that they’ve gone

ALL of these airlines going bankrupt…

Just heard about this on BBC news . They’ve been running for so long as well

People are using other airlines like EasyJet, Thomson and Jet2Holidays now days because of how expensive Monarch is compared to them.

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The only airborne Monarch flight.