Monarch Airlines A330-200

Hello everyone,
I would really love for this livery to be added to Infinite Flight. Monarch operated two Airbus A330-200s and flew them on long and medium haul routes to Orlando, The Caribbean, Goa, Egypt and The Canary Islands. Whilst Monarch Airlines sadly ceased operations in 2017, it would still be great to have this nice livery in the sim. For those who don’t know about Monarch, it was a UK charter and scheduled airline that operated routes to holiday destinations around the world. At the time of collapse it was the 5th largest airline in the UK. Let me know what you think of this livery!

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This is good!

I might consider freeing a vote for this.

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Please do! It is a very nice livery!

I would love to see this livery, I think the Monarch livery was something special and is one of my favourites today! Hopefully this is added!

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Had my vote! Iconic. Only one livery I want to see more than Monarchs and its JMC’s 😍


Same here!

Thanks for voting! I hope it gets added!

YESSS I always loved monarch and I would love to see more monarch aircraft in IF hope this livery gets added 🤞🤞


This livery would be great for the sim!