Monarch Air A300-605R

This is another beautiful livery . It would be nice to have when the A330 gets a Rework. They did cease operation with this Aircraft I believe. It would still be nice to have :) Enjoy


Weird winglet design lol.


Ew, beautiful livery but it doesn’t fit the aircraft


Personally it looks great.

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Looks nice!

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Wow! That is the most gorgeous Airbus wide body I’ve seen! The A300 is one of my favorite aircraft and I need to make sure I enjoy the last A300s in service by Mahan Air and Iran Air before they go out of service!


I ❤️ It!``````

I flew on one of these Glasgow - Orlando around 2006. One of the better flights I’ve been on was in premium economy as my dad must of been thinking we were rich or something. Just for memories sake I would fly this route with this aircraft on global