MOM Air: Iceland's New Low-Cost Carrier (WOW Air but flipped)

MOM Air is Iceland’s newest low-cost carrier.

If you know WOW Air well enough, I’m sure you already know what’s going on here.


Here’s a brief description of MOM Air:

MOM air is a super-low-cost airline headquartered in Iceland that will transport passengers to and from the country. Our main destinations are in mainland Europe and the USA.

Mom is economical in finance and business. All in-flight services will be optional. Whether it’s mommy food, reading material on board, charging for electronics, internet, luggage space, toilet paper, hand soap, choice of seats and much more. In this way, we will break new ground in Icelandic aviation history with low prices and services.

You always know what you’re up to with Mom.

MOM Air “focuses on gender equality and will take part in projects that introduce girls to role models and open their eyes to future possibilities as pilots and managers.”

Additionally, MOM Air will use “more environmentally friendly machines, paperless business, carbon offsets, recyclable materials and much more. We focus on protecting nature to the best of our ability.”

Sounds great, right?

Fleet & Routes:

According to MOM Air, flights will be bookable starting November 9, or approximately 2 days and 21 hours from this post.

MOM Air plans to operate a fleet of six Airbus A320neos:

Our mother birds are six in number and are all of the type A320neo, Airbus. Nestle around in mommy’s lap and let mommy pamper you in these eco-friendly flight options. The jet engines of the planes consume considerably less fuel than other Icelandic aviation options, and thus the carbon footprint of each seat is many times less. Progress in the epidemic has ensured us cost-effective long-term agreements with foreign parties for our machinery options, with the possibility of adding more machines next year.

According to their website, MOM Air plans to fly to London, Paris, Berlin, Rome, Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm, New York, Washington, Boston, Toronto, Dublin and Glasgow (likely from Reykjavik, Iceland):


MOM Air says they’ll be holding a press conference on November 11 at 10:00. The conference will reveal the more about the company’s operations, background of employees, the technology behind the booking system, the fleet and more.


Before COVID-19, WOW Air was planning to relaunch in some form, and another Icelandic low-cost carrier named PLAY wanted to commence operations. Both of those airlines are… somewhere else.

MOM Air on the other hand says this (translated):

My mother will break new ground in Icelandic aviation history by offering covid and noncovid flights in these historical times.
People who are quarantined, infected, exposed to infection, or have antibodies after infection may travel together. The aircraft are specially marked and the flight crews of these aircraft will only be individuals with a positive antibody test. Passengers and flight crews of noncovid flights must meet strict conditions.

And they’ve got merch!

Here’s one way to look at MOM Air:

So, a copied logo? According to a lawyer for the copyright holder of WOW Air intellectual properties, WOW Air has “clearly violated copyright.” However, MOM Air says they have “no formal connection” to WOW Air.

Image Credits/Sources

MOM Air images by MOM Air:
WOW Air A321 by Airbus

Here’s MOM Air’s website if you’d like to check it out:

What are your thoughts? Do you think this is some sort of joke? Of course, would anyone bother going through this much work to create a fake airline with a lot of details?

At this point, we’ll probably have to wait until flights are bookable or the press conference on November 11 to see if this is real.



lol imagine MOM Air though 😂

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MOM Air…


MOM AIR?!?!?!

That sounds so…just so stupid…


Everyone right now:


All of our Mom’s right now:



yes Dublin lets gooooooooooo

MOM air? but Where’s DAD air or SON air? jk


They seriously just flipped the WOW, and named it MOM 🤦‍♂️

Don’t know if I should consider this clever or stupid…


they should be fined

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No, my eyes are deceiving me.

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Erm. I’m confused. Are they saying some flights will have covid onboard? image


Right side is correct

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mhm, yeah no im calling lies here…

Yes, or possibly one of the stupidest ideas I have ever heard. Could have sticked with PLAY at least.

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The latter is definitely correct

So there’s covid flights…right…


I’m so confused right now. I really can’t tell if this is real or not.

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Nope, they are not kidding, there are literally COVID flights with this airline:

I literally cannot begin to think of the complications and safety issues of this.


right, imma make a MOM air 747-600 real quick

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Honestly, this airline looks unlegit.

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Red flags like these:

As well as the general ridiculousness of all of this is also a pointer.