Mokulele Yellow C208

Right here is the Mokulele Yellow C208 special livery I love this livery and think it should be added along with other Mokulele livery’s.

About Mokulele:

Some other things to vote on:

So beautiful! Out of votes though. :(

How do we not have this!!!

Because the IF Devs didn’t think to put it in, there being only one Yellow Mokulele C208 and Mokulele not being very popular. Anyway, I’d vote for this banana but I’m out.


@baseball_inferno So, what if there is just one? There is just one Illinois One. There is just one Flying 101. There is just one of tons of things in IF. And you saying that Mokulele is not popular is an option, not a fact


Whatever, I’ll clear a vote and vote

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Thanks for voting @baseball_inferno @Matthew_20204




Thanks for the support @AviationJack

Let’s get more votes so we can see this In game!

we need this hopefully it gets added!!


823MA is a must have if/when the 208 is reworked. Here are some shot of the outside and of the interior of this beautiful flying banana.

I did by change upload the photo below to my Instagram. You can check out the tail shot there too if you wish to read the explanation as to how it got to Memphis from Hawaii.

pics are all mine 🙂📸


That’s a very fancy cabin.

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Thanks for the support!