Mojave Graveyard

I have been afforded the chance twice in the last 15 years to get a close up view of the graveyard at Mojave Airport in Southern California, so I thought I’d share some photos from my last trip a couple of years ago…


and some more…


Last batch!


Wow! That’s really cool. Was it interesting?

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Whoah brilliant mate. Any military aircraft?

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That 747 is N215BA I am sure

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Those Aero California DC-9s and that Aloha 737! Nice shots. Sad those aircraft are just left to rot. I’d love to take one of those DC-9s home!


I would gladly take home the nose section of any of those aircraft… to turn it into an ultra realistic simulator.


That cut up Tristar tail almost had me in tears…graveyards like this could be made into a great meseum. Great pictures!


It’s actually pretty eerie. Lots of different salvage companies operate there, one company specializes in testing what bombs do to the interior of a fuselage … But i wasn’t allowed near those planes. I took some photos inside the planes at night, and those are very creepy.


They do, but they are kept in a different area of the airport and they are more protective of those. Only a few, most of them end up at Davis-Monthan AF Base in Arizona.

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There’s a lot of history in those photos. Very interesting.


Are you ever able to go in and take any of the parts out? Like take a control stick out or maybe a control panel that’s broken? That would be amazing if you could.
But seriously, thank you for these photos. It makes me really sad seeing all these old aircraft that had such a golden run in their day. Now they are nothing but scrap metal. Makes me sad.


Lucky! Must’ve been a very great experience, and those are nice photos.

Anybody wanna come get some scrap metal? Oh, I’m also gonna need some computer screen and a copy of FSX or P3D 😂

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No, you can’t take anything, it’s all scrap… wishful thinking eh?

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I live in Cali, how do I get there from OC lol

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take the 5 north then the 14 north all the way to Mojave and you can’t miss it!!! ;-)

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Weekend date for me! Any recommendations? Things to look out for?

Awesome pics, I get sad when I see planes just beaten up and destroyed like that.

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Does it cost any money to see the planes?