Mohamed1 - ATC Tracking Thread (Closed)

Hello everyone .
I will go in air traffic control at 01EST for one hour
Hoping to increase my operation grade
Weather is mostly like 24004KT 3/4SM R04R/ P6000FT BR OVC003 12/12 A3006 ( cancelled)

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Sad. I would have liked to spawn in, but I have school at 01-02EST. Also, what does the, “cancelled” mean.

It means so when I forgot to notify the server it also means someone who like to take my place after me

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Continuing the discussion from KJFK dep and app cancelled:

Open now for one hour
2200 MST
Come on guys where are you 10 minuets to close
No pattern work avialiable
Route from inside the USA only

Kjfk app opened from now to a hour

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Hey! Are you sure that you’re open?

30minutes left
Sure approach

Are you there or not

I’m coming in a few minutes

Okay. I was FRODO btw.

Please watch all tutorial before opening, especially this one:

It was a bizzare. I requested visual, you gave me inactive runway, vectored me to I don’t know what. When I already flew past the cone to the right (rwy 13L) you have me turn 150. And cleared for the visual. Did I see the runway? You definitely don’t know.

And, of course, to join IFATC you need first to pass Tower and Ground test. No point in practicing approach especially like this

Where is it coming from? What is your destination ? Finally don’t speed further I will wait until you come if any facilities appear

I was coming from KLGA and my destination was… KJFK!

This is visual rwy 13rR/L

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I guess nobody was coming after you
So kjfk app is now closed

Glad to see that some people still recognize Runway 13s as having the Canarsie Visual Approach.

My Pet Peeve is when I see planes using the ILS for Runway 13L and 13R.

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Ok i gave u the runway u wanted not me
Because of 150 degree I wanted to enter the runway
Usually I use approach for kjfk on ILS
VISUAL is new for me
Look I am not going to say that ur altitude was 1900 something but I have to take it
Wanna try it again

I asked for visual approach any runway

Well, I just took off from KLGA to help you and I can’t really get to FL100 in 10 seconds (basic physics)

Tell us here when you’re open and I’ll try to come

I’ll come as well! :)

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Some one is taking
See you around

Hello everyone I will be holding omdb ground and tower for one hour
You are welcome to join{ ended}