Mods, what is the reporting process like on your end?

I am just curious is to what you fine people have to do when you recieve a report and how long usually does said person get till they get handed down some kind of punishment.

I can imagine they just press the “report” button while looking at the pilot’s info. Not sure though

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I will be surprised if they don’t answer, but I’ll be less surprised if they give a detailed explanation as to why

That’s 50/50 for sure.

Just ask @anon66442947 😡

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I don’t think they get notified for other reports on them. I’ve tried on Tom but he didn’t tell anything.

And, Even if 3 people report them, they don’t get ghosted.

If they hit the report button once on a user, the user is immediately ghosted.


I don’t understand the question to be honest. We press the ”Report” button. Then you disappear poff


I wans’t clear enough.

I didn’t know if you review the messages from ATC to pilot. How big is the team of mods. Is there some sort of system where if you get poffed lol a certain amount of times do you get automatically poffed. Can you get permantly banned. If so how many times can that happen before you get permantly banned.

This answers one of them.

Edit: The message that pops up not the actual resolved reason for why they got that message.

We don’t report in the present of ATC unless it’s absolutely necessary.
Except for the moderators on this forum, there are also four Live moderators.

There is no other system, our reports have the same effect as a user would be reported by ATC.

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