MODS CLOSE Adri's ATC Tracking Thread @ PHNL [PRACTICAL passed] [CLOSED]

Hello IFC! I’m Adri. I live in Spain and I would like to become IFATC. I passed the written a few days ago and I’m waiting for my practical to be scheduled. If you have time I would appreciate if you come, fly some patterns and give me feedback. Thanks to all, see you there

Status: CLOSED

Airport : PHNL


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Intento unirme mañana!

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Yes, I’ll try to open tomorrow. Please as this is a public thread try to talk in english if possible ;)

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Lol, I will try some patterns! :)

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EGKK OPEN. Come and have some fun. Remember to give me some feedback

  1. You need to work on your response time
  2. In the end you forgot to give me a clearance and when I reminded you, all you had to do was clear me for the option. You didn’t have to issue a pattern entry again :)

Everything else was good keep it up. Work on your response time and you’ll do great

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Great, thanks! I know, not used to control airports whith many traffic, need to work on that. Thank you for coming!

So I was NKO526

I know this was a ATC Tracking thread but still Gatwick does not use 08L for flying. It is only used for taxi, but I wont be to harsh about that as a lot of people make that mistake and it doesnt realy have anything to do with your pattern handling.

  1. You didn´t assign me a runway on pushback so on other airports I wouldn´t have known in wich direction I should push. I don´t think it is mandatory to do so but it helps the pilots.

  2. At one point you had cleared me for the option for RW8l and I requested a runway change, In this situation You do NOT have to clear me agian. A pattern entry is fully sufficiant.

  3. When giving a pattern entry it is allways better to enter the pilots into downwind as this is more apprechiated and leaves open to the pilot when he wants to tuen base. You told me to enter right base RW8l wich forced me to turn at a high altitude ( wasn´t ready to tun )

  4. The Go arround You issued was perfectly timed and was well spotted on your side.

  5. On my last pattern I was half way on my base turn when you told me that you would call my base, this forced me to exit the turn and go back to downwind.

  6. Your Sequencing on my part was very good to.

I know there was a lot of traffic and it is hard in the beginnings but You did quite well none the less.

Hope this helps


Thanks for coming, I’ll work on that!


I´m open GCLP for the next 40-50 minutes

I will try some patterns, If nobody enters LEPA

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Okay im on with GOO11

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Come and fly some patterns

Well so I think from my knowledge that all was great, Sequencing was good and also the pattern enter instructions.
•When I was on left base RW 21R I said: “IM ON LEFT BASE…, FULL STOP”
you said: It was an unnecessary report, but it wasn’t, it was a report calling that I was entering Left Base RW21R.
You said the same to @Tomjet
So work on that, but the rest of the things were good!
Keep working mate!

Ummm, I think I did good on that as you were already cleared for the option. If you are already cleared you don´t need to report your position.

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Heya. Really good job. Pattern entries, seq. And clearance.

Just two things: I was doing touch and goes. As i announced that k
I will do full stop you said already cleared to land, unnecessary reports. But it is not an unnecessary report to call out full stop after T&Gs. It helps you to calculate the spacing for other pilots incoming. Its better to let the people call out full stops after T&Gs, cause of this full stop announcement you know that you have to give exit runway instructions. :)

And. As GOO was doing T&G and told then that he is on final and will do T&G the correct thing to use is “duplicate message” not “already cleared to land”

But that are just small things.

Hope to see you in the Team soon. :)


Otherwise, it was so good, keep training, one day you will reach IFATC LEVEL

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Sorry, but I think the correct message is already cleared, avoid unnecesssary reports because he is reporting his position when he was already cleared for the option. I still don´t understand why that message is wrong, could you explain me?

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He said T&G, I mean he said he was on left base, T&G, he was already cleared for that

As he announced that he is remaining patterns he is saying: i’m doing Touch&Goes. When he tells you in the air again “[…] for Touch&Go” it’s a duplicate message.

If someone is on inbound from another airport, you clear him to land and he is telling you “full stop” it would be “alrdy cleared to land”

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