Mods can close now 👍

Every time I look at the scenery editing category, my mind doesn’t always go to the fact that people posting in that category are making airports. Perhaps the scenery editing category should be changed to “airport editing” or smth

idk just feels like it would fit better 👍


It’s a very valid point. I may be wrong, but I don’t think Discourse Categories can easily be changed.


Yeah, you could be right. Another point I’d like to add that when you click the scenery editing category the first thing that pops up is the IFAET “airport editing team” that of which has really nothing to do with scenery editing

I picture scenery editing as more of something like elevated ground in the wrong spot or smth

airport editing is something totally different :p

Airport editing includes the terrain around it. Take my first and current airport Driggs Reed KDIJ for example… The released version that all pilots can see is an auto generated and severely outdated airport with a single runway and taxi way. For editors, they can see what work I’ve done, which appears to be “floating”. When I am done with Driggs, and it is been marked ready for release and subsequently released in a future app update the terrain will be updated and fixed to where I have placed the new airport boundary and elevation.

Hope this massive essay helps answer some of your questions :)


It’s called ‘Scenery Editing’ as we use the Scenery Editor to edit airports and their scenery. This way, editors share their creations from the Scenery Editor into the Scenery Editing category.

If we were to change the name of the category, it would make logical sense to change everything else, such as the Scenery Editor and Scenery Editing Manual to be renamed under Airport Editing. It’s not really practical. :p


thanks for the info :p