Mods and staff, how do you come up with FNF's

I’m curious as to know how you guys come up with FNF.

You guys always pick an interesting place, so how do you find out? by checking how much people play in a region/country?

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Hey there, check out this thread for an idea of how Misha chooses FNF:


I heard that Misha has a little elf fast asleep up in the mysterious curls of his head, where he taps his head twice to get the it’s attention, and asks “where should I feature next?” Last week the Elf replied ‘Xian’, and the week before ‘Cancun’. After being given a suggestion. Misha works hard typing and within the next hour, the FNF is ready to be posted!

The elf, although lazy and asleep most of the time, likes to play up, and sometimes escapes to let their ideas run loose all over the forum. If you see them acting up tell Misha immediately to get their act together! It’s becoming a regular occurrence. The elf is full of ideas that are ready to rush out and speak up above the rest, quite like hot air rises, although usually some duct tape or assignments keep it quiet.


I really wish I could understand even a word of that analogy lol


The elf hides in Misha’s perfect jawline.

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