Mods always take down my posts but never approve them

Why do I have 3 pending posts they never approve any of mine. But yet always take ones down the second, I post them?

Mods are so quick to take down posts of mine but NEVER approve them.

I would recommend DM @ moderators (no space) most likely you didn’t follow the rules or something like that


could you see what my pending posts are and see if they are okay to post

is that possible?

No I can’t Im not a moderator

As tyler stated above, Your best bet would be to PM @moderators but still whenever the close a post they give reasoning.

A tip;

Read the guidelines.

I’ve seen a few attempts from you in #features which have been rejected simply for not following the guidelines. Like requesting 5+ liveries in on request etc.

It will help you, I promise.


SO what if I request one livery

Just posted another, I think I did it right…

Guidelines for the feature category can be found here ;)

If in doubt: ask @moderators I have had the same issue many times (mostly with RWA topics) and thanks to my inquiry I always found the issue on my side in the end

@moderators If you can check please approve my latest features as it has not been approved yet, and is it good to be approved what can I do to fix it?

Yes, I already denied all of them. You really need to utilize the search function for your requests. Most of, if not all of the things you’ve requested, didn’t have pictures, lacked detail or the feature you were requesting already had an ongoing topic.

Need some more effort on your end to do the research here on the forum first before you start complaining that we’re not approving your posts.

Probably worth to use this reply as an unofficial warning to search for ongoing feature requests. At this point you’re consuming moderation time with all of these ongoing features. Which could be avoided had you searched first.

Here’s the American Airlines 787-8 livery you tried requesting as well as the many others. Go vote and continue your support in those relevant topics instead of trying to create a new topic.


You say: Thank you!
I say: You’re Welcome!!!

Below you’ll find all of the topics for the constant feature requests you tried to post…


Thank you, I realized that I overreacted quite a bit, I am sorry.


Resolved. 🙃