Modifying the search function

I was wondering if the search function could be modified to have an “all categories” button, similar to what´s available on the forum´s front page, to be able to refine your search and find things easier.


It already does a whole category search, if you select the box underneath it will do a more “on point” search.

I was meaning something like this for example: Boeing 787, search it in the Features category, and it would display every feature regarding the 787.

Go to the features category, go to the search bar, select the box that says:

Search category


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Wouldn’t discourse have to add this function?

I didn´t know you could do that.
@Carson, please close this.

Ha ha, now ya know! Glad to be of help to ya.

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No need, please don’t request things to be closed:)

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Selecting “options” in the search pane shows a bunch of powerful search refinements as well

He means “Advanced Search”… And yes, we need this…


Yep, I was thinking about that.

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