Modern Commercial Taildraggers. Where are they?

So i was thinking, and I realized there are no modern Taildragger Commercial planes. I want to know what yalls thoughts are about this a
lack of plane type.


Because we have new technology so we don’t need them? There’s not much a reason for taildraggers except for fun. When you say "commercial I assume you mean passenger and there simply isn’t a market for that any more. All manufacturers have moved on and use more efficient technology. With jet engines taildraggers would cause issues to. By the way not sure why you said abundance cause that would mean a lot.

That’s not true at all.
The Beaver, the Otter, PC-6s still operate, DC3s, C46s ect.


Not as commercial aircraft. Now they are for private use.

That’s not true at all. You can still fly on them commercially


A taildragger’s main benefit is the immunity to tailstrikes. The Concorde used to have a tail gear to prevent that, but it was never a taildragger.

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Sorry, but i’m not aware of any DC-6 or PC-6 that are available to fly on publicly.

Everts Air Cargo operates the DC6s still in Alaska, Buffalo Air also operates DC6s.
The PC-6s over seas you can also fly in Plus they just stop producing the PC-6 about two years ago


@anon82246052… MaxSez: Google is yr friend. Suggest you research before you bloviate and sprew opinion & disinformation here… There are snakes on this plane, and tail dragger trash haul worldwide. Max Sez


Thanks Max! Publicly wasn’t really the right term for that. When most think of commercial service they think of the bigger airlines. Most of those who are still flyin DC3s aren’t big airlines, just little regionals (not that regionals are bad!). Taildraggers work great in places like Alaska as he stated but for regular big scale passenger service not so much.

I know for or a fact that Buffalo Airways offers a few scheduled services on their DC-3s to remote Canadian Airports because of their compatibility with gravel kits. I could book a flight from Edmonton to anywhere in northern Canada these days.


@anon82246052. MaxSez: your words here will follow you. Always research & prepare a draft off line when you pen a comment or Topic
for the IF crowd. Their sharp. I’m amazed by the av knowledge base of the membership… Watch your 6 always… Max


Most taildragger aircraft are either private or commercial, with some probably in the air forces of some countries.

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