Just wanted to say thanks for the job you guys do. Thankful to have you help me when needed


Yes, they do a great job. Best way to thank them is to PM them. ;)


They work too hard trying to keep children and grown men from going crazy on this forum, good job moderators!
They are also good people if you get to know them, allot of people dislike them because they close there topic or what not, but that is just there job and they have to do it.

Warm Regards, 305 ;)


It isn’t even a job really they aren’t payed they volunteer there time to help us.

Ever thought of “Thankful Regards”? Might fit this topic best ;)

You also gotta learn to accept when you get an official warning, and be proud of the mod who issued it to you. The mod who issued it to you is doing his job well, and that is great to see.

@Cameron forced me.

No but in all seriousness (not that it happens very often…)
Thanks for the support!


Incorrect, @anon66442947 gets 6 cases of beer for each week he doesn’t loose his cool🍻


Tom is a mod?? Fake News! He is still lucky with the 6 cases 🍻🍺!

Oh wow, uhm, that is a little concerning…

Shocking, nothing is fake news on this forum

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His regards are based on the weather in Miami, and thankful isn’t a temperature.
Isn’t that right @Chief305


Haha! This is great! The moderators are pretty awesome people!

MaxSez: “Ear Banging” and most of the un-usual subjects show up, It’s a Cult I say or a Mutual Admiration Society! Wait it’s really a Peanut Gallery. Have a nice day 🎭 “Warm” Regards… 😝


Infinite Flight Mod. Not a community mod. 😁

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