Moderators Viewing PMs

Quick question: I know they can view PMs through flags, but are they able to view them just by going through your profile?

Big Brother is always watching…


Yeah by why should that bother any of us?

Because it defeats the purpose of a, “Private Message”


No, wrong. Moderators can view PM when flag is active however not in profile. Whereas, admins can view your PM’s from your profile. However, this must rarely be used. Just because a PM is behind closed doors, does not mean bad stuff can be posted. (not directed at you)


I mean… it is meant to be a private message, but if you dont have anything to hide, which you shouldnt then it doesnt really matter

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Yeah definitely I guess it does defeat the purpose of a Pm but I don’t think our mods sit there and read all of our messages. Unless it turns into AKC 😂😂

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I didn’t think that lol, I just had a question.

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Yes sorry questions are free here 😁

If the situation warrants it an admin can see PMs. But its not like they are randomly looking through PMs when they are bored.

By you using the community you enter into an agreement outlined in the terms of service. The admins have a fiduciary duty to adhere and protect to those terms. If you go on a hate filled rant to a user, that is in violation of the terms of service and the admins may review the PM to determine what action is needed.

The same holds true for most companies email system. They reserve the right to read all correspondence sent from your corporate account.


Well, that whole situation was caused by some flags after all…


Thanks Chris. It was just a question that I had, because I’ve seen the question asked before, I just haven’t seen the answer.

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In addition to what Chris said:

Discourse called them “messages”. They’re not private. “Private Message” is a term adopted from other platforms.


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