Moderator help requested

Hello, at LOWI just now there was an f22 buzzing planes on the expert server. Can a moderator DM me so that we can report the person?

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Press @moderators, and DM them privately.

I dont think moderators will can do something, that Guy can only be reported if IFATC is present or a supervisor.

If he stopped doing It, theres nothing to can do

If there’s a replay showing reasonable cause then I think a report should be applied. That would a good way to prevent players from bad behavior when there’s no controllers.

Ok, thanks. I’ll send a mod the replay after I reach out.

Nothing will be done unless there was IFATC/supervisor there. They can’t do it retrospectively.

Is there anything that can be done in this situation? I usually just ignore issues like this if no IFATC is present.

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I’ve just had this exact same situation at LSZH - is it worth reporting or will nothing happen?

@MPH258 ,

How low was the aircraft to the airport, and on expert server? Was he right next to the airport? Or a little bit away?

Expert server - happened as I was climbing out at about 7000; there was basically zero separation with me and circled around, then fly around the airfield for a bit I think doing the same to a couple of others. This was their track (green)

Theres nothing to can do.

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there is not much you can do about this which sucks but just keep flying and try and forget abt it

I’d have to check the replay, I’m still flying.

As mentioned above by myself and @Calditaa , not much can be done at the moment without IFATC controllers present . Just try and ignore it :)

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In the future feel free to message @moderators and one of us can spawn in and take care of it. :)