Moderator Formation Flight

It got me thinking on the plane spotting post about how cool it would be to see all of the moderators doing a formation flight and escorting each other!

If this happens and I’m not there please PM me with pictures or a video.

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The questions that really need to be asked:

Why should the moderators be escorting each other? Shouldn’t the moderators escort us to protect us from aggressive threads and pilots? Or is it us who should escort the moderators by shielding off non allowed behavior in the first place? Who are the true moderators? Aren’t we all moderators of our own decisions? Shouldn’t we all do a formation flight then?


What the flip are you on about bro lol 😆

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The magnificent beauty of Switzerland passing by the train windows.


I love it when the sheer beauty of nature allows me to get lost in my own thoughts. Interesting things you’ve just proposed above, and I’d have to say that I pretty much agree with you.

You’d be surprised actually. There hasn’t been a “Full on” moderator formation flight… But sometimes if you watch on, you might see a few moderators flying together. One time, I saw 4 moderators, 4 internal beta testers and 2 staff members flying the TBM in formation…

With LiveFlight Horizon, you can select “User Groups” to track. Moderators and Staff are two of those user groups. Using this feature, its very easy to find new aircraft in beta as well as these groups of people

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