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Hello All,
I have a topic in mind that I’d like to create. Although, I don’t know if it would be allowed with the IFC. I want to contact one of the mods to ask them if it would be okay. My question is if there is a certain mod to contact to get a “Moderator Approved” topic, or could I contact any mod?


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Contact any! From what I know most of them don’t bite. ;D


Any moderator or staff can do that. If you want their attention, I’d recommend PMing them.

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Using this link, you’ll go to the moderators page, where you can send a message and the first available moderator will respond


When picking a mod I’d consider a small number of things, but any will do.

  • are they in a time zone whare they are likely up, and able to assist.

  • Do you’re you have a moderator you feel like you especially get along with

  • does it fall into any specific mods realm of expertise, for example some of the staff members deal a lot with technical stuff

generally any mod can approve any topic, and if for whatever reason they feel it’s out of there realm they can certainly either start the ball rolling, or point you in the right direction.

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If the topic fulfills the requirements for said category, it’s not a duplicate and you think that it will promote civil discourse just post it. You don’t need our approval ;)


Wow, I didn’t know that even existed 😂

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