Model planes

What’s are the best websites to buy scale Commerical airliners?

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I prefer Gemini Jets

Nah, their prices have gotten too high recently if you are buying straight off their website


What would be your alternate site

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I’m a big fan of pandafox personally

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I don’t know another model airplane maker other than Gemini

Those models are just what I’m looking for to make a model airport

Does that company sell Gemini jets. I see the Photos are from Gemini jets website

Here are 2 other websites I have used multiple times in the past which I would say are quite good:

Don’t know

Yup, just got a GJ 1:400 from them earlier this week actually


Skymarks, daron, JC wings, phoenix and a few others. I prefer GJ but like @KTJ_Mitchell , I can’t find any 1:200’s at a good price. I get skymarks and Oxford models mostly.

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@Jan may be of help, he has loads of diecast planes. I think he buys them from the Aviation Mega Store near Schiphol.

If you buy them from they are cheaper and you can get coupon codes and preorders

Hello! The websites mentioned above such as PandaFox and Diecast Airplane Store are great options. Not only are the prices cheaper, you get more variety as opposed to buying off the actual website, as well as some pretty quick shipping. If you ever want to talk models, don’t hesitate to DM me. I love model planes, and I actually have a good collection of them starting to build. Have a good one!

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I also prefer PandaFox, they usually have all the new releases and pre-orders along with very cheap pricing and free delivery to the U.S!

WaffleCollectibles is where I shop for more exclusive models as they usually have a bunch of rarer and uncommon models every week or so.

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