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I notice every one, including myself makes topics about model planes in the Real World Aviation category. Model planes aren’t really real aviation, so why not make a category for them? What do you think?


They are related to it. Adding an extra category will clog up the forum. I suggest leaving it as it is

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No. Just No.

We dont need more RWA stuff here in my opinion,.


I like the idea, however I don’t think another should be made. Not too many people have models, so there wouldn’t really be any point.

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Not necessarily, if you search model plane or something related the lost goes on for a while.
There are about as many topics in the Spotting category as there are when you search for model planes.

That’s not even Close to being true

RC planes or model kit stationary ones or both

Not necessary, in my opinion. #real-world-aviation suits just fine. :)


i agree! this would be great! especially when i collect them, and it would be so cool to se the news!

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