Model Airport Updates (Read before flagging)

Hey! Please read this before flagging, it’s not the same as This.

Post pictures of model AIRPORTS here! You may also do updates to them here too.
Required things:
*Model info
*airport based off of (if it is)
*(optional) how you made it.

I’ll go first:

On the stand: GJ 1-200 WS B38M
First gate: GJ 1-400 QF B738
Gate 2: GJ 1-400 DY B38M
3rd gate: GJ 1-400 QF B789
4th gate: GJ 1-400 AC B77W
Last gate: GJ 1-400 UA B78X

It is paper by I don’t want to buy expensive things.
What are yours?

Read before flagging!


I own that Westjet 737M8 too!

cool! keep up the good work! I myself is a fantasy airport named “JDK International” Hub for delta and american!

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That’s a nice looking airport! I built this one a few years ago with (of all things) Lincoln Logs and Matchbox planes. I plan on building a much more realistic version this summer with more detailed runway and taxiway markings as well as 7 of my smaller Gemini 200 models! I will post it here when it is complete!

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