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Firstly, I didn’t know what topic to put this in, so feel free to change it if it’s not right. Secondly, I’m going to build a 1:400 model airport based on Ottawa McDonald Int’l Airport. I’m planning to use Geminijets models. I’m just wondering if anyone knows how to make such detailed gates, taxiways, runways ect. I’m also wondering where to get such detailed terminals like this one:

Also I’ll take suggestions of what models I should buy. Keep in mind that this is modeled after CYOW, so I’m looking for airlines like Air Canada, Westjet, Air Transat, American Airlines, Delta, Porter, Sunwing, and United.

Thanks for your help!


Def do LGA very cool runway on the water…

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That T5 though 🔥🔥


I would maybe post this question in the model aircraft collection topic

Maybe do DCA.

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There are many detailed tutorials on YouTube on how to build model airports. I think DJ’s aviation actually has a playlist for it. I’ve gotten lost in these videos and only re-emerged once I remembered I had nowhere near enough money to get models.
Edit: Pretty sure you can buy terminals online

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First step: Money!
Second step: YouTube!


My suggestion is to do an airport you live near or an airport that is your favorite. Personally I would never give suggestions about his because mine would be totally bias. If anything the best airport you could choose would be a scenic one or a one with a nice terminal and has a variety of aircraft landing there.


Try this a little challenging but it is worth it and it is low priced too

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Not sure I have any lol

I’ll be saving 🙂

KCLT!!! Please

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I’m building a 1/500 scale model airport and was wondering if I could use 1/400 scale accessories with 1/500 planes?

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It’s best if you design your own airport, it doesn’t necessarily have to be made from a real life airport.

Making your own will make things more interesting :). That’s what i did with my model airport. Even though I have a lot of Delta models, I’m not basing it off of Atlanta

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I bet they would work but they won’t fit together perfectly. Like the planes won’t properly fit into the Jetway’s.

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