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So, I have something I would like to ask,
Have you ever thought of buying only model airplanes that is for a specific airline? I have three Delta Airlines Gemini jets model airplanes, and the are: Boeing 737-800 (Split Scimitar), Airbus A321, Embraer E170.
Now, I want to buy more Airplanes in the Delta Livery, I plan on buying another Airbus A321 and possibly the Boeing 767-300. Then, I’d buy another B737-800, and so on.

I’d like to make a Mini Delta hub in my bedroom, a single Terminal for Delta with another Terminal for the other airlines. What do you think? Have you done this before?

If you have pictures of your model hub, show them here (if the Moderators are ok with it)


I have done this before!! Its so cool

I had 6 JetBlues and 3 US Airways with 4 American Airlines.

Full Fleet:
2 Frontier
6 JetBlue
3 US Air
4 American
1 Delta
2 British Airways
2 Aer Lingus
1 Air France
1 Westjet
1 Air Force 1
3 Air Force Jets
2 Private Jets
2 United
2 Southwest
1 Spirit


I think this is a fantastic idea! Actually talking about this now I want to make an EWR virtual airport with UA planes! Thank you for giving me this idea!

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I’d like to do this, but I don’t want to buy multiple aircraft of the same livery, especially since I only get 2/3 aircraft a year. I’d rather have a range of liveries and aircraft.

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I actually usually buy models of planes I’ve flown on, and If I can, a model I have a safety card for. It’s nice having a matching pair.

Well kinda, I’m making a small Indonesian airport and I want this airport to be AirAsia Indonesia’s hub so I’m buying a couple of AirAsia models. I’m planning to buy 5 more AirAsia planes and buying some AirAsia buses…
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my fingernail is about the size of the engine


@Ryan_Vince is your guy.

What’s the best website to purchase these models? I’m interested in purchasing one or two of them.

Take a look at this, there are some great example of model airports and the like to go along with the models.

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