Model Airplane Help

Hello, I make model planes out of paper. I want to make an A320, any livery suggestions?

Good luck making it out of paper.

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EasyJet or Avianca. Maybe all yellow Spirit. Avianca would be a nice one.

I’ve made a couple,
Emirates 773
Delta 319
Frontier 319
Air Namibia 320
KLM 772

I’ll try to find photos.

I personally like the new spirit livery, But it would be a pretty long process these are based off a custom scale, much larger than 1:200, and the KLM 772 was very hard itself being all blue.

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Actually not if you play around with the right shapes and sizes

Azerbaijan Airlines

Please share it after you’ve finished making it😄. As for my suggestions probably Aer Lingus or Uzbekistan airlines.

Vueling. All the way.

I’d be quite interested in seeing your collection- sounds quite impressive.

Well guys, I decided to do an Alaska Airlines 737-900, I am working on the body and Vertical stabilizer. Have not got to wings, elevators, or gears yet, here is it currently.