Model Airliner Photo Project

Hey guys, I am currently working on a project for my photography class using model airliners. I currently have four planes and some tarmac and a runway is on the way. I have included some basic pictures of what I am thinking of doing. I was just open to any feedback on the idea in general and suggestions for other planes I could get. I’m not going for a recreation of any particular airport, but something along the lines of a KBOS, KFJK, or KEWR in terms of the planes I will be using.

Royal Air Maroc 787-8 Rotation with an Alitalia 330-3 in the background:

Head on with a Qatar Airways 350-900:

Alitalia 330-3 From the Back:


If you were basing the airlines off American airports, then you may want to include more American airlines (e.g. AA, JetBlue, United, Frontier, etc…). Just an idea.


Looks good. What really caught my eye is the Dyson bladeless fan lel. I like the second and third photos


Good idea! The american carriers are more in demand so I have sort of been forced into the international carriers at the moment

may I ask where did you get those model planes

A company called Geminijets, here is a link to their website: (

“Who’s your daddy?”

Anyway, nice set of models you have!

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I love them all! :)

Thanks guys! I’ll add some more pictures once the terminal comes

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Just ordered an American Airlines new livery A319, I’ll add it to some new pictures once it comes!

thanks man!

ur my hero

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planes in the dorm, we got a missing mans on isle 3.

I love GeminiJets. I have quite a few. My favorite is a Southwest Airlines 737-300.


Nice! I just ordered the 737-800 with scimitar winglets. I’ll be sure to post some pictures of it when it arrives.

Here are some pictures of the American A319:


The terminal and mat have finally come…

Here are some pictures:

Royal Air Maroc 787-8:

Delta A320 pushback for Denver:

Qatar Airways A350-9 getting ready for its overnight to Doha:


Photos outside really look good, even without a terminal or ground mat.

Here’s a few examples, if you’d like any tips for outdoor shots let me know!


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