Model aircraft

Hello im reaching out to the forum to day about collecting model aircraft, i really wanna get started and i know people on the forum has large collection. I just want to know whats the best way to get started collecting

There already is a topic like this, you can submit your questions there.

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I have a few questions:

Do you want to make a model airport with your models?

Do you care more about quality or quantity?



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Ues i would eventually like to make a airport
And quality is very important but i don’t to spend too muvh

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Well, quality costs money.

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Where do you find your aircraft

50% of people buy it off of here:

It a safe a reliable website!

Alright guys please stop commenting on the thread just a forum clutter(er)? No need as there is already a topic @Vinne has thankfully linked in for you guys. You can also find it here

I get most of my stuff from here:

Seems decent, not had any issues before with them.

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