Model Aircraft Collections


Nice models! I like the Alaska 737;-)


Yeah same!!! To bad I broke it…


I think the main attraction there is the A343 Air Tahiti Nui ( other than the Fiji A330 which looks amazing!!)


Yeah!! Those 2 are my favorite. Got the Fiji today and the Air Tahiti Nui a month ago.


What happened to that scimitar?




Awesome models! I see you have a Gemini 200 Alaska Airlines Q400, my favorite model that I own:-D


Thanks. The Alaska Airlines Q400 was the first model that I ever got. I love that plane!


Being stupid is what happened 😂


Some of mine. Sorry quality is poor don’t have the best lighting in my room. :P


The latest edition to my collection:

Gemini 200 JetBlue blueprint E190👌👍


That’s a nice one man!


I just bought my first A320N under F9’s colors with Flo the Flamingo. I’ll upload a photo soon.



EK A380, ANZ 772, Reno Air MD which is bound foe my massive scrapyard.


I’m one of the finalists in a contest!

Please vote!


Now that is one great photo! What scale is this? Where did you get it?

Edit: Just found out it’s my favorite scale, 1:200! I definitely voted for your!


Thanks!! :)
It’s 1/200 scale. I got it from a collector. It’s been sold out for a long time.


awwwwwww that sucks :(


I can’t afford Any more I will try though