Model Aircraft Collections


If you get a chance can you take a photo of all your models together sometime? I’ll do the same with mine


That is just half my collection my other half is in another location


And I thought I had an addiction 😂
Nice collection bro!


And here’s my other model airport that I’m working on


Wow! I love these pictures guys! I’m still waiting on my Qatar A350K order and and airport set too.


Which one should I get?

  • A big Virgin Atlantic thank you! A340-600
  • Alaskan More to Love A321 NEO
  • Delta A350-900
  • Lufthansa Retro livery Constellation
  • Lufthansa 747-8 new livery

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Here is my Geminijets 1:400 Delta Airlines MD-88 N903DE

You may notice some “wear and tear” detail I added ( video I used for detailing : ).

I added pencil graphite detailing around the L1 door to simulate dirty jetbridge fold grime, overwing grime / leaked oil / hydraulic fluid, and the exhaust stains on the tailcone.

What do you guys think? Let me know :)


WOW! it’s great!


Finally, it arrived! So nice model…

ANA A380 flying Honu-Kia Livery (JC wings, 1:400)


I got all of my models together and took some photos! Some of my older ones that are just missing gear and stuff and I may sell the on eBay for good prices. I’ll post a link when that’s up. But now onto the main show:

The Delta regional fleet!

The Delta heavy/long haul fleet!

The Southwest Crew!



This needed its own photo cause ♥️+💚=❤️💜💙

JetBlue special liveries!

Allegiant & AerLingus


Korean and BA

Emirates and Virgin Australia


AirTran and SunCountry!

Hope you enjoyed! Some are missing a few pieces, but, well 🤷🏻‍♂️


I don’t know if I broke a photo limit or anything but there were a lot to photograph


Wow great collection some planes of yours I’m might get someday


I got some shots of all of mine with more to come!

I build a lot of planes out of legos:)
Work in progress on the Terminal JDK Int l coming soon


Have you flown on either one? I personally like the MD88, they are in the process of being retired (I’ve flown on both in real life)


I have flown on the 717 wasn’t really that comfortable and the last row was right next to the engine and didn’t have a window but don’t let that stop you from getting ether of those airplanes


Latest order is a 1/400 model of British Airways Airbus A319 G-EUPJ in the BEA livery. The model is sold under the Blue Box brand, but it uses the Aeroclassics A319 mould. It will go well with my 1/400 BAC 1-11 in the same livery.


Photo taken from Aviation Retail Direct.


I ordered a 1/500 United B777-300ER on Friday and it came on Sunday, even though it said it would arrive Thursday. I can’t wait to see how big an A380 is, because I’m gonna need a bigger table.

Also, if you buy your models on Amazon, you should check out eBay. The models are slightly cheaper and there’s more of them.

My models:
House Colors Boeing 737-700 (thinking about selling, it has these big black wheels that I don’t like)
Southwest Maryland One Boeing 737 (thinking about selling, kinda ugly)
British Airways Scotland livery Boeing 757-200 (thinking about selling, ugly black wheels)
Delta Boeing 757-300
Air Canada Boeing 767-300 (thinking about selling for cheap, damaged nose gear and paint)
UPS Boeing 767-300F
United Boeing 777-300ER

@JacksonAviation Yes, there’s a 10 photograph rule. You have 18.


Wow! Some collection here😮😉


I wish I had more new models to show.
There are a couple of pre-orders I’ve been waiting for since December last year.

Can’t wait to add these to my collection!


Thanks! I have a couple more on pre-order right now