Model Aircraft Collections


You will see that westjet in my collection





  • Aer Lingus A330-300
  • Hawaiian A330-200

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  • American Airlines Retro Livery (A319)
  • Delta Airlines (A220/CS100)
  • IcelandAir Special Livery (757-300)

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I have the Hawaiian A330 and I really enjoy it in my collection!


My two ORBIS Air flying eye hospital


Available for pre-order:

B747-400 (KLM) PH-BFR With Stand (InFlight200 IF744KL0519)


Already have a -200 and a -300 in those colors, so a -400 needs to be added! 😉

I just wish that the 747 mould that InFlight200 uses didn’t need the extra effort to standup straight instead of nose down.


They all are really close, I think I may buy them all 😂


MD-88 and the 772LR


hands own md-88. get those maddogs lol


I have the same one its really great!


This was hard to picture, but here’s an Emirates A340 I own. Second plane I bought when I started collecting. I wish I had money so I could just buy a B777 to replace my A340.
This plane is big, so it had to be parked sideways in order to fit lol

In this scenario, EK made a visit to my airport in hopes to start future service to Hillsborough International Airport from Dubai.


Your photos are great! I have that plane too, it’s super nice!


I have a single terminal (two mats) so I switch out the aircraft at the terminal from time to time. In these photos it is serving as Alaska, Southwest, and Americans terminal


Great photos I have lots of the planes you have


Thanks! I have 8 delta, 4 SWA, 5 Alaska, 4 American, 2 JetBlue, 3 KoreanAir, 2 KLM, 1 Emirates, 1 Virgin Australia, 1 Virgin America, 1 Qantas, 2 KLM’s and a few others I can’t remember at the moment


I love the Southwest Special livery (forgot what it was called). Been wanting to add Southwest to my collection for some time now, but I don’t have money :(


Wow that’s quite a collection you got there I too have the SWA 737 max 8 American Eagle e175 and the More to Love a321


Triple Crown One. It’s my 3rd favorite livery if there’s. All SWA planes are beautiful and if you have any money, I would try to buy one. I’m adding a Delta A220, American A319, and IcelandAir 753 to my collection soon, so I’ll share photos of those


They are all beautiful planes! I’ve been collecting since I was 6! I also have a few broken ones, and ones I keep on display (the Concorde), but I’m trying to fix the old broken ones


I have close to 200 airplanes with a United 767-300 and an Aer Lingus A330-300(new livery) it’s way I started when I was about 7 or 8 years old my inspiration was model airport update videos on YouTube