Model Aircraft Collections


I will probs get this one


My long awaited airplanes have landed!😁

Delta Airbus A330-300,United Express Q200, Alaska Airlines More to Love 737-900(the exact registration of the one in infinite flight) and the maintenance scaffolding from Gemini Jets which I highly recommended getting(airplane inside the scaffolding is a Delta A350 which I have had for about a year)


Now, where have I seen that Delta assortment?


Flying Mule! That’s where I saw it


Took delivery of Gemini jets March release G-BYGF. I was thrilled with this BA jumbo as it is the only 747 I’ve flown on.

It’s now one of my 5 BA jumbos (not too many😂) I would really recommend it as it’s a fantastic model.


I really love the maintenance scaffolding!


Is the maintenance scaffolding form Gemini Jets?


Yes released last month


I have recently added some models to my collection. They are:


  • Herpa Antonov Airlines An-22 UR-09307

  • Herpa Antonov Airlines An-124 UR-82007

  • Herpa Antonov Airlines An-225 UR-82060


  • NG Models Icelandair Boeing 757 TF-FIV

  • Aeroclassics Aeroplane and Armament Experimental Establishment Bristol Britannia XX367 “Team Spirit

  • Aeroclassics Aeroplane and Armament Experimental Establishment De Havilland Comet 4C XS235 “Canopus

Two more 1/400 aircraft are hopefully arriving tomorrow, they are:

  • JC Wings Royal Aircraft Establishment BAC 1-11-201AC XX105

  • JC Wings British European Airways BAC 1-11-510ED G-AVMI

For my next model(s) I’m thinking of a Vickers Viscount and/or a Hawker Siddeley Trident.

If anyone has any other suggestions I’m happy to hear them.


April 2019 Gemini Jets have been announced!


OMG THIS IS AN ICELANDAIR PLANE!!! ❤️❤️❤️ I Love it bro!


What size do you guys recommend for me? I would like something a little bigger than a hand.


Depends on what type of aircraft you are looking for. If larger narrow bodies and wide bodies, go for 1:200 scale. If smaller narrowbodies and regional jets, go for 1:100.


Thanks I’m gonna start shopping!


1:200 - it’s a perfect balance of size and detail. The 1:400 scale doesn’t look at nice as the :200 in my opinion.


These are my only 1:200 models


Gemini Jets releases an awesome new airport! It is two of the current terminals together with gates on both sides and curved edges as well (both sides). I wish I had $300. I am planning on buying the new models of American (A319), IcelandAir (757-300), and Delta (A220)


New airport? Where can I find this and what scale is it in?


It’s just been released and is on the Gemini jets website ( It’s only for 1:400 airports I believe.


Thank you, shoot. I figured it was, I’ll wait for something in :200 to come out. Does anyone know of a hangar for :200 scale aircraft???