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Wow that’s mightily impressive!


I’m tempted to give this a go but worried I’d mess it up.


I have a 10 week old son who I’m hoping will be as nuts about planes and flying when he’s older as I am. I’d love to start an airport model that he could play with when he’s much older but not sure where to start in terms of a base etc.

Any tips? I’m in the UK, London to be precise.



@BrockleyJim Personally, what I would do if I were you, would be him a bunch of tiny planes that his age group can play with. That is what I had when I was younger, and may be the reason this all started! When I was older I got some Gemini Jets and that is when we got going. My advice for you would be to encourage it but not force it


Oh I totally agree, he can be interested in whatever he likes. I just wondered how I could start a model, for me right now, but that he might get a kick out of later on.


There are several YT videos on how to make a good model. Just make it high enough or out of reach from a young child so he/she dosent choke on it


Ha yes definitely! Don’t want to have to explain that at the hospital


Yea, that would be ok conversation nobody wants to have 😂


Well, in

There, you have many airports, sizes… etc. Since it’s psper, your child won’t be in that danger. I’m building Amsterdam rn. But it is quite difficult and you need to be very patience… But for the mat, it is very detailed and easy. You also have other companies that do similar things on paper such as: or but in maybe opinion, No Point Airport is better. But As @JacksonAviation said, I would give him small aircraft toys so he can play whith them.

For models, when he’s older, I will read this, my entire recommendation and opinion

only for 1:400 though


1/400 is very good detailed and it is 3 or 2 times cheaper than 1/200 and they occupy less space, I recommend you start with JC Wings, as it is not expensive and it’s models are very detailed. I always buy on

1/400 models (one a380) is of aprox. 20 cm, in 1/200 is the double

Also 1/400 models some of the best brands are: AVIATION400, NG models, and Panda models (these are a bit expensive but sooooooo good detailed)

You may probably hear of GeminiJets, but there models were really good some months ago, now they quality is just poor, depending on the size of the aircraft will be better or not: A380 Not bad, but the nose is just bad, A350 is good, but gears a bit bad, and smaller than that… is just poor and really bad, (except bombardier, don’t ask why)

JCWings is one of my favorite (as I tell before of prize) their quality is very very good, but in some liveries theaccuracy is worst

Aeroclassics quality is excellent, but gears are simple, also no arial

Panda models just excellent, 10/10 (But is the most expensive)

Aviation400 the best models 2000/10

Ng models, I think they are good, but don’t have one.

Also, Phoenix: they have a good amount of models, but the quality can strongly vary. I don’t have one though.


Also Inflight400 since they just launched. The images of the models look excellent and superbly detailed so they are an option also. But they only have 2 models right now. But they are both models you cant get anywhere else like the Lufthansa A350 in the new livery and China Eastern A350

Hope it helps you!

Also, if you have any doubt, or thing you want to tell me, please don’t be afraid and PM me!


Thanks so much @Redrado


Always glad to help! 😁


I just got that same American Eagle on Monday


Does your Dreamlifter have and opening cargo door?


I have just ordered the LOT Gemini200 Max 8 and the JC Wings LOT 767-300ER…Now we wait!


My More to Love 737-900,United Express Q200 and Geminijets maintance scaffolding has been shipped and will arrive on Monday


Yep! Opens up (almost) like the real thing!


Guys I am going to get a Gemini 1:400 plane so what should I get



That Concorde though…


very nice!!