Model Aircraft Collections


I have a UPS B744F too but not as nice as the one you have


The little model rockets were a Christmas gift from my parents


Thanks @T1MMY4L1F3_YT I like my setup a lot


I should be getting two planes today a more to Love 737-900 a United Express Q200 and a brand new released maintenance scaffolding all from


That is a very nicceeee LOT collection there you have my respects


My airport kepeps going!! Still needs many details to fix, and the other half of the terminal


Thank you sir, I have two more on the radar but it’s $$$ that I’m missing haha.


Where did you get your gate foils from?


Here’s my models on my dresser

and here’s my shelf
my blue angels model is signed by the number 7 blue angel and the i believe the head mechanic.


I only have 6 1:400s. How do y’all afford so many planes?


Just wow!!!



I’m Bringing Her Home!

Guess The Airline and Aircraft! [Part 2]

American airline 787 I think


Yep that’s a 787. -8 to be exact that plane is beautiful!


Looks like an a340-600


It is probably tail heavy.


let me guess LH A330-300


I like your collection I used to have that same PSA md-83



I took LHR show cards for it. I strongly recommend it. The terminal is EHAM 6.