Model Aircraft Collections


Starting my model airport!! (No Point Airport)

This is just an small part of it… it’s so difficult!


I have been placing and printing airport foils

Here is the link to the website that I got these from


It’s not much, here’s my collection.


Nice LOT Polish Airlines there! @Johnny_Ringo


Thank you! Missing the Gemini200 LOT Max 8 and I’ll be set for a while ;)


Nice collection is LOT your favorite airline?


I found a LOT Airways 737 8 max on


I recently got the DREAMLIFTER, 747-8 Freight in Boeing House livery, and 787-9 in Boeing House livery from Everett at the Boeing Store.

Older Models : I also have a 737-800 in Boeing House livery, 777-300ER in Philippine Airlines 75 years livery. And a China Airlines Cargo 747-200.


Awesome! Look at that, just in time for payday Friday 😂


I can’t remember if it is 1:200 or 1:400 though


I just purchased one, but by Daron.


I’m buying a Tu-144 from Herpa-Wings


I’m almost positive there’s a :200 out there, at least I could of sworn I’ve seen one 🤔


I also noticed a 787-9 is available for “pre-order.”


Very nice! But I do love my Gemini!


i might try to make a model airport with the 2 aircraft i have, they arent very detailed but oh well, they are both jumbo’s, 747-400 and A380 so yea, anyone have any tips on making a model airport?


I have a bunch of little model airplanes that my grandma gave (she used to work at KIAH) I for get what she did but my grandfather used to train New KIAH ATC members and my step-grandfather was a part of ATC but he was in a room rather than the ATC tower.My step-grandfather is the one that gave this model:

(It’s a UPS Boeing 747-400


I’ve tried to get a Gemini model because it has the split scimitar winglets, but it was expensive.


i like the little space shutle under it xD, but the UPS 74 of course looks amazing too @Future_engineer


This stand and the plane looks awesome in your desk! Love it!