Model Aircraft Collections


Right now I have only about 191 model airplanes and I have more on order enjoy the pictures

That is just half my collection


I only have a Xiamen Air Beoing 787-9๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ


ยกEy! I have one A350 Iberia in 1/200


Look what I just picked up in Vegas!


That dream lifter is huge! What size is it? Lovely plane.


It is in 1:200 from Gemini ๐Ÿ˜‰


Iโ€™m getting one but it is smaller and white


I have one of those made by herpa I also think that geminijets released their version in October of 2018 with an opening cargo door


Buying an EVA Air B777-300ER rainbow livery model soon.


Placed it on order. Should come by end of this month!

And yes, it has a moveable Droop Snoot and canards


I made a custom stand for my Iberia A350!

If someone wants one, in the Same size for those stands for an specific aircraft, I can accept requests. As word/pages/pdf document. So you print it and paste it. (1:400 for Gemini Jets metal stands). If you want one, please PM me.


I got three more model airplanes and more coming

BTW the Icelandair 737 8 max lost an engine thanks to Geminijets


Refund it or return it


Daron Skymarks


oof sorry man


Does anyone have/ know when the new Gemini jets American Airlines md 80 will be out? I ordered it a month ago and still no package has been delivered.


Should be any day now, Gemini just received the models so they should be distributing them soon


I was just wondering does anyone else collect Daron planes:)


I collect Herpa-Wings


Daron was one of my first airplanes that I have collected getting my first one when I was 6 years old the plane is all beat up now but I did paint it into a Ryanair so it is probably because of all the landingsXD