Model Aircraft Collections


they want me to save for a car


and not spend any of my plane money:(


I know the pain so did mine 😂


A car is way better than plane models 😜


Valentines gift for my fiance


Waiting for this beauty in 1:400!!!

IBERIA A350-900

(JC wings)

Store Link Here


So… I am waiting for an order of a Boeing 747-200 with a SwissAir livery. It’s a very nice model btw.


Here is the picture of it:


Where do you buy or get them from?



#1667,, and other retailers sell them for quite a bit cheaper though.


Was this one custom built and hand made??


This is all amazing what model brand do yall use


Look at this, only for 1:400 though

Also, Phoenix: the year have a good amount of models, but the quality can strongly vary. I don’t have one though.

Hope it helps you!


I’m trying to find an ac130. She’s my favorite


It arrived!!! It’s so nice!


Here: in 1:400

And in 1:200:


So it turns out that all of the Swissair 747s were sold out, which was very disappointing for me.

But I later found this:

A Dreamlifter and a 747-400.


I have a collection of Gemini jets:

  1. QFA New livery 787-9 1:400
  2. QFA New livery 737-800 1:400
  3. NAX 737 MAX-8 1:400
  4. WJA 737 MAX-8 1:200


I have a 1:400 A321 more to love and a 1:200 739 honoring those who serve.