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Yes, the $40 one is 1/200 scale.


good is there a shipping fee?


Has anybody got this bad boy? Got it in Christmas and it does fit my room very well. That is my second model and I do indeed love it. It was also one of their last models before Herpa ran out of stock.


Just got this!


Gemini 200 Alaska Airlines “More to Love” A321neo!

Beautiful aircraft 😍 It’s my 9th Gemini 200 model.


I legit want the a321 neo. I noticed that 1:400s are much cheaper than 1:200


I have that same one, but every time you barely touch it, it does a wheely lol


THEY TOOK THE NEO OFF THE PAGE>:( so I am getting the normal gemini200 a320




I know Gemini Jets is a big aircraft model seller, but are there any other ones that you guys buy aircraft models at?


Inflight200, JC Wings mostly in 1:200, JC also make 1:400


Okay thanks!


Of course! These are a little more expensive, but the quality is so nice!

  • 5starhansa 747-8i
  • Airbus A330 American

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What scale? Because the 1:200 747-8 is 😍


No I’m to cheap😀 1:400


The A330 is nicer then in 1:400 because the 747-8 a little weirdly shaped nose


Thank you for the notice I’ll keep that in mind buying


Apparently my family stupidly banned me from buying plane models


Why did they do that?