Model Aircraft Collections


Can you take photos of the 1/1000 scale planes please? :D


Can I rob your American I’m lacking…


Would you be willing to sell a 319? Need it for Philadelphia.


Here is philadelphia international airport!


So my question is, to those of you who have an entire airport set up and lots of model aircraft. What’s your estimated value with everything?


I’m trying to get into model aircraft. Where would I buy these?


If I have a model, I’m not willing to sell it unless I specifically state it. You can find those F9 models for cheap if you keep watching eBay.


Amazon, E-bay or Gemini or waffle collectibles. Hope this helps!


Don’t ever buy from waffle collectibles, he seems nice until you have an issue and then you’ll get berated by the owner…


I have never had an issue. I’m sorry for what happens to you, unfortunately it seems the price is to good to be true.


If you must order from him be careful, he sent severely damaged models and refused to anything to help and then resorted to name calling. I’d recommend a place like Jetway Models or Airline museum


My gemini jets model aircraft and the layout i made for them. still need to paint a few things.


Multiple people have asked and I can estimate that some models like the 737s can go from around $30USD-60USD. I suggest going to as they have lots of models, ranging from old to new, rare to common!!


This is a JCWings Pepsi Concorde that I saw at the aviation shop at Manchester Airport 20170608_144348|690x388


This is the latest edition to my collection. It’s a 1:144 Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey. It has incredible detail and even has the real functions of the Osprey.

This is my 4th model. It’s incredible, as it has Gemini jets level detail for a fraction of the price.


I’ve got the same airport and the UPS 767-300F too ^-^


For mine, maybe about $300-400 dollars? Just a really rough estimate though.


same as me!! such a cool looking aircraft model


I have most of my models from they have very good prices, good quality, and send it in the styrofoam peanuts.


Fiji Airways A330 came in today!!!