Model Aircraft Collections


okay, well the one I am looking at is straight from gemini jets and they say that it has magnetic gear:)


I have the Southwest Missouri One and those come out


Indeed, the gear on the Delta A359 are magnetically connected to the fuselage.


thanks I was worried about that! :)


It is mostly the really small or really heavy models that you can’t change the gear out 😉


Look who arrived! ANA A380 In 1:200!


This is my collection of Herpa Wings 1:500 aircrafts. I started In September 2017, and now I have 71 pieces.


This beauty is waiting for me to pick her up!


who here likes the company Daron? they make the best model planes


My 2 beauties 😍 one in 1:200 and the other 1:400 (1:200 in background)


There she is!

The first of 4 pre-ordered models has arrived.

I’m now still waiting for:

Can’t wait!


I have a UPS 767, Air Canada 767, Delta 757-300, British Airways Scotland Livery 757-200, a Southwest Maryland One 737-700, and a House Livery 737-700. Small collection, working on expanding it.


Some really small items arrived!

Just a quick photo with my phone.


This is my collection. I even have the RAREST model which is Shamu which is now never to be found on the internet, I was the last person to get it. LUCKY!!

I also have the Mad Doggy which is the Allegiant one which they have already been retired last November.


I don’t know if I can concider this model aircraft but…


P-51 D mustang
KLM Boeing 747-400
Air France Airbus A380


I got a Southwest heart Boeing 737 MAX 8!


Just a heads up, the Alaska Airlines Store just got a whole bunch of Gemini Jets in and is selling them for extreme discounted prices. 1:400s for $20 and 1:200s for $40:

It was a hard choice, but I went with a 1:200 More to Love A321neo. I will post pictures when it comes!


I’m buying the same one on that site that deal is AWESOME!


hey is it actually 1/200 cause it’s the sam picture