Model Aircraft Collections


Can you send me an article or was it an issue with you specifically?


It was an issue with me specifically, they lost a model, broke another


Model #58 arrived today:

WestJet 737max


My corgi diecast Lancaster heavy bomber,


I’m not so great at building them but here are mine


Look what just arrived!!! Shown alone, with the Alaska Airlines family, and with some larger aircraft for size comparison


How did you get that airport set? Did you build it?


I did not, it’s the current Gemini Terminal and Mat, although I have plans to build a fully detailed Atlanta


I did add the tower though


Really cool…


Just ordered the ANA A380 in the Orange color, should be arriving Tuesday or Wednesday will post pics when it arrives


New model!!


hey guys I am going to get a Gemini200 Delta A350 900 in like one/two months!


I got the same one bud!


Is it worth it?


Yes it is a very nice model. Nice livery and very modern looking!


cool thanks for the review i will totally get that model!


Only unfortunate thing is you can’t change the gears out.


what do you mean I thought they were magnetic?


Only on some models, the one I have they don’t change out.