Model Aircraft Collections


I have that same one but I painted mine grey;)


Nice, I have a bunch more military models that aren’t much bigger than Hotwheels


haha I have a bunch of F18s and A10s and other WW2 stuff!


I got a model Grumman X-29 for Christmas


nice I got a 747 scroll up to a united 747 thats mine:D


My new 1/120 Swiss A340 ✈️


I was able to add the PH-BFU to my collection.

InFlight200 IF7440714A KLM Boeing 747-400 PH-BFU

This is my seventh KLM 747.

This is the aircraft that last year brought me home from NY.
I also visited the crew quarters and of course, the cockpit, so I had to have it. ;)

It’s the aircraft in the profile picture I’ve been using for a long time now as well.

She is also the next in line to get phased out of the KLM fleet. :(


My TWA 747-100 came in today! Only 2,500 were made of this model and they were all made for the American Airlines C.R. Smith Museum in Dallas, Texas. I found it on eBay and I bought it immediately. Great model for being around 20 years old!


These 1:200 items will be coming my way soon.
I already have a couple of items like these, but now they are in blue!

What’s not in this picture are extensions for my jetways, upgrades to the hoods and cones.

I’ll post better pictures when it has arrived!


This is my collection


So i am having trouble deciding which model to get to add to my 1:200 collection. After thinking about it, I am torn between a China Eastern A350, ANA A380, Delta 747-100, and a Continental 747-200. Which I am leaving up to a poll here to decide.

  • Delta 747-100 (Polished) $166
  • Continental 747-200 $148
  • ANA A380 (Turtle) $154
  • China Eastern A350 $130

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So I’m customizing a 1:200 Norwegian 737max, and I’m slowly getting rid of the paint on the tail and it’s just like “oh my I’m probably going to make this model look real nice, or I’m ruining an $80 model” wish me luck…


Just finished, overall, I would give myself a 6/10. But it still looks semi ok atleast:


It looks great! Well done!


So recently I have been looking for a British Airways 747-400 from Gemini jets. With no luck. I was looking for a new one with rolling wheels and aerials. However these are extremely rare and expensive. The only one I found had a special livery of a gold nose. image

Now to get to my question. I was in YouTube and saw a video of a guy who had removed the gold stickers of the G-CIVA mode which was made to bring U.K. Rio 2016 Olympic athletes back. Does any one have a clue how he did this? Thanks for reading.


They used nail polish


Nail polish or nail polish remover? Wouldn’t that remove the white paint as well?


Paint thinner is what I’ve seen used. This video might help you:


I just received my Gemini 200 Delta CRJ-200! It’s a beautiful model and my favorite by far because I fly on it all of the time. Here is my current collection:

Gemini 200:

  • American 777-300ER
  • Delta A350-900
  • Air Canada 787-9
  • Southwest 737 Max 8
  • Delta CRJ-200
  • United CRJ-700
  • Alaska Q400
  • JetBlue (Blueprint) E190

Other brands (not shown):

  • Skymarks 1:200 Delta 747
  • Skymarks 1:100 Delta CRJ-900
  • Air Force 1 1:72 V-22 Osprey


Wow, thank you so much for this. I’m going to buy the model tomorrow and hope I don’t mess it up! Thanks again!