Model Aircraft Collections


Ok, I just realized you bought a 1:200. I have only 1:400.


Yea that would also be why more than likely


I just got a Daron Skymarks 747 400 United airlines


some of the collections are really cool! I have a small one with about 12?


I got these two models today! The BA 747-400 leans backwards and the nose gear doesn’t touch the ground. Does anyone know how to fix it?


Does the 747 have a stand? I have a BA A320neo and the same thing happens to me. I just put it on the stand and all is good.


thats a pretty saucey collection there


My Lufthansa 747 in the new livery came!


Some people willing to check something for me?

What are the differences between these two besides the price?




Age of each model, and registration. Second one you posted is the newer model


Ah ok thanks, I was looking at it last night and I was like what is the difference?😂


what is that gemini jets hogan wings? but wow thats amazing.


yeah get the second one!


Nope, it is Inflight200 which is more expensive, but worth it!


Tiny bit of blu tac on the wheels and it should stick down. I do that to tail sitters


Try rotating the wheels of the main gears. That usually helps when one of my 1:200 model’s nose gear is just off the ground.


I have the same problem with a JC wings A380 1/400…

But don’t want to paste it to the ground, as I move my models of place lots of times “tried” rotating the wheel, but scared of brake it. The funny thing is that sometimes is lower and sometimes it is higher… Anyone knows how to fix that?



my new 747 400 added to the collection!


Just received this tiny Saab 340 in 1:400 scale!

More info on the airline here: