Model Aircraft Collections


My new 1:400s this Christmas! 2 are delayed in the post, a Qatar 77W and the other is a surprise!


Gemini 200 Delta A350-900🎄

My 10th model! I have another on the way!


Wish I had one of those…


Just got an Air France A380 and Virgin Atlantic A380 in 1:200 for Christmas! Will post pictures soon


May I ask if anyone would have a Cathay Pacific A350 that I could see pls? Always wanted to see one of those out of the box!



Hey @SkysTheLimit87 I have the Hawaiian A330 to and I got for Christmas


Merry Christmas! 4 New Ones

My sister got 13 gifts and all of them were slime ;-;


Here’s mine!
@WestJet737767 @Dylan_M you guys might like one of these


Are those all Gemini jets @ILOVE7879


Got some new guys!


@QANTAS_001 yes


So I ordered a few models recently, a Hawaiian Airlines DC-10 Polished metal, a Lufthansa new livery 747-400 and a Norwegian 737max 8 for a special project all in 1:200. Story time now, the DC-10 was supposed to arrive today, and sent me the wrong model. My model is now in Oregon somewhere. They said they will get me it someway even though I ordered the last one in-stock. Ill post pictures of all the models once they arrive! The Norwegian 737max will be to remember my grandfather as I am having custom decals made with his face on it to put on the tail.


I went to the Airplane Shop today for extra Christmas Presents.

I got:

  • E170 British Airways
  • Saab 230B WestJet Link
  • Remote Terminal Gates
  • Taxiway Decals


As far as my collection goes, I have a Southwest 737-800 Heart One N8642E, I actually flew on this beauty to from FLL-LAS! I am trying to get another Southwest, United or American Model to jump start my collection! (And yes that is Joe Montana in the background)


What is the Airplane shop in Vegas like? I’m visiting Vegas soon and I am wondering what kind of selection they have


They have ton of Gemeni Jets, a small section in the back with Herpa. They have a lot of Cheap Daron aircraft, some mats and decal stickers on the shelf. They have a variety of 1:200 scales in the back left as well. And 2 large display windows with Gemeni Jets models. Its really cool


Nice to know, sounds like the one in NJ, thanks!


I think you mean 340B… lol my head just span in circles


Looking a little full XD

British Airways 777-200LR
Easyjet A319 X3
Lufthansa A321
Lufthansa A320neo
Virgin Atlantic 747-400
Belavia TU-154M
Philippines A350-900
Air Canada 787-8
British Airways 787-8
Vietnam Airlines A350-900
Finnair A340-300
Thomas Cook A330-300 X3
Emirates A380-800 X2
Emirates 777-300ER
Etihad A380-800
Air2000 757-300
Air France A320
Iceland Air 757-300
British Airways A319
SAS 737-800
KLM 737-700
Ryanair 737-800 X3
Miami Air 737-800

Thats 30 Aircraft :)

Ignore my beautiful toilet in the background 😆


Going to pick up this classic in a few days!

InFlight200 IF7410715P 1:200 Diecast Pan Am 747-121 N738PA “Clipper Defender”.