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Ah nice, thanks!


For my birthday today my parents gave me some money and drove me to the Aircraft Model store In Hillingdon, just north of Heathrow. Their were lots of great models on show and I somehow narrowed the choice down to four.


(American A320, Philippines A350, Virgin Atlantic A330)

And then my favourite, the BA 747-400. I have been wanting one of these for a while however the only place I find them is for £70 on EBay. I got this one for £39.


(British Airways 747, Korean A380)

Edit: The terminal on the right is a work in progress.


Alright guys, got a poll here for you. Can’t decide between these 2 from gemini jets. Choose what you think looks best! Either the United 737-800 with splits or the Alaska 737-700.

  • United Boeing 737-800
  • Alaska Boeing 737-700

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Thanks guys!



So I bought a model you make by yourself(a Plamodel),and I chose to buy the 787-8! It’s 1:200 scale,and about 23 centimeters long.

So far I’ve completed:

  • Making the fuselage
  • Adding the tail,horizontal stabilizer,and wings
  • Adding the APU and nose cone
  • Making and adding the engines

To do:

  • Add landing gear
  • Add windshield and windows
  • Place airline decals(ANA)
  • Paint bottom fuselage grey
  • Misc.


That’s a nice model you’re making.


Early Christmas gifts!


It is Christmas and I got a 1/200 plane from a Limited Edition.

Every day, my heart sink into pain when I see the old red AirBerlin A320 that is now flying for Germania, but still wears her red dress. Now I got a Bombardier Dash-Q400 AirBerlin Albino: D-ABQQ


For Christmas, I will be getting 4 new models and maybe a terminal a few days later =)


Is that the one that opens?


Yep, it’s amazing

Edit: this is it open


I get my models from, or


Hoping that I get that @WestJet737767 737 Max 8 new livery for Christmas!


1:400 Southwest MAX8.


Guess what @Dylan_M I am 😉


Christmas Eve gift is a Hawaiian New livery A330-200


Wow, I saw one when I went to a model store last week and it looked amazing! (Also expensive!)


New model to the collection! @WestJet737767


New 1:400s!


Stop making me so jealous 😂


I can’t help but flex a little bit 😂