Model Aircraft Collections


A small but nice collection


The best part of your collection 😂


Ikr, it’s my favorite!


Oh my gosh that AF Skyteam is beautiful


It’s actually China Airlines- AF doesn’t use the 747 in skyteam livery, wish they did tho


I’m an idiot 😅 don’t know why I thought it was AF


Because apparently you can’t seem to read


Models: AF1, Etihad A346 Formula 1 livery, SAA A343 Olympic livery, BA 744, QR A332, Condor DC-10, QR 77W
Toys: DHL DC-10, Delta 763, Continental 752, PAL 744, Southwest 763 (lol), Northwest A320, a broken CX A333 one world livery

Models: AirTran 737-700, Ohana (by Hawaiian) ATR72-500, AirAsia X A343(?), Emirates A345, Lufthansa 748.
Cheap Chinese models ( 😂 ): Cebu Pacific A320, Boeing 788, Cebu Pacific ATR72, El Al 772(?), Garuda Indonesia 744, DHL 744F, Thai 744.

Models: Scoot 789, Emirates A388, QR 788, CX A343
Toys: United 744, JetBlue A320, Brussels Airlines 717(?), JetBlue A320, BA 744, United 744 (Tulip livery), and International Airlines 744 (fake airline obvs)

Models: Northwest A320, Delta A321 (one of my favourites), UPS 763F (Also one of my favorites).
Toys: BA Concorde, JAL 744, ANA 744, Virgin 744, Southwest 734, US Airways 752, a random fighter and a military DC-3.

KLM 744, Adria A320 and Emirates A332.

All models are either in 1:400 or 1:500 scale, except for the ones in the last picture.

I was too lazy to take them out of the box sorry 😂


My small collection of Skymarks models. Thought I would be methodical and only collect ones that I’ve flown on IRL. I actually prefer them over smaller 1:400 scale models as they’re larger, and can be customized, (ex: 3D printed wifi/Sat bumps, and painted slats [all except the alaska have painted slats]). The Jetblue A321, and Southwest 737-800 are awaiting their wifi bump installation.

A Small collection of Gemini/Phoenix 1:400 can be seen on the lower left.

Delta 757-200 intl config, with custom 3D printed wifi/sat bump, and painted slats. Hope this is included in the eventual 757 rework.


What happened here? lol





This is one part of a showcase of model planes at the Udvar Hazy center


To be honest I don’t really know, the memories I have with it are when it was already like that. I do remember going through this weird phase when I froze planes and cars lol


My 1:400 Models. All Gemini Jets, the best. 😂

Planning on getting more.

The Royal Air Marco 788 is the same model as in IF. Same registration and everything.


Here is my Airport (1:400)

Here is the rest of my 1:500 and 1:400 scale


Just got two Model Aircraft in :)

Delta Boeing 737-900

In honor of our next plane coming to IF,
FedEx MD-11

Planning on getting more within a month or two :)


Where’d you get the -900???

#143 At a good price too… Also, it’s a 1:130 Scale Model :)


These are the only ones I have right now


The only Gemini jets model I got was from my dad when he went to Seattle for a Boeing 787 course for Qatar Airways. He also got me three tiny 1/1000 scale models