Model Aircraft Collections


Got these three models from Aviation Retail Direct at Heathrow yesterday.

Has anyone been to the ARD store at Hillingdon?


I love the a340!


Wow… amazing :-) I ´m jealous… How many models do you have?


Amazing… I love all these FRONTIER liveries with the animals…


It just looks like „Miniatur Wunderland“ in Hamburg with a whole airport 😂 check it on google! It´s so amazing to have something like that at home! I´m so jealous!


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On its way!!

Gemini Jets G2DAL348: Delta Air Lines Lockheed L-1011-385-1 TriStar 1!



You got to love that widget livery! 😏


It has arrived!


I’ve created a database for my models.

At the moment I have 43 models.


Got my first B752F today from my local aircraft model store at LHR.


Tristar 1/200 still to be painted but wigns are masked

1/1700 777-300er 777-300er next to 757-200 of the same scale. Need to improve on these a bit


Im totally jealous of my friend who has 1,500+ models


Geez bro but the first thing I noticed was that dusty Xbox controller.:)


@Joseph007 I have two controllers and I dont use that one.


Looks like that XBox controller has seen a lot of action…10 years ago lol
Nice model too!


Just got this 747-8 from the Boeing factory at Everett



Weird flex, but still nice 👍


The flex isn’t weird, it’s just a wide angle photo optical illusion. Thanks though!


😂 that could be from a meme: “Weird flex, but ok!”